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Rose Gown Take-Me-Home

$32.60 USD

Bring your sweet baby girl home in this Blue rose take-me-home set. The set comes with a knit bamboo sleep gown that has an embroidered neckline smocking and features purl marrow wrists and elastic hem. The print on the gown is a blue background and pink roses. The gown pairs with coordinating bow cap that features the same print.

In the Jon Hart Design Collection, go to the Jon Hart Monogram product. You can pick the color of foil or choose a simple hot stamp. There are multiple options of colors along with the style of monogram you wish to receive. Such as traditional, text, or initials. (Ex. Rose Gold and Traditional Monogram.) 

After you pick desired styles and colors you will then add to cart the quantity of monograms you will be wanting to add. 

Then, you will click cart in top right corner of the screen and a side tab will show. Go down to Order Special Instructions. There you will type the monogram text for each monogram.


Example- Monogram 1 was rose gold and traditional and second monogram was hot stamp and text. And you want "Anna" and "MRM". You will type 

Hot stamp Traditional- MRM

Rose Gold Text- Anna

Capitalization does matter! If you type "anna" we will put it exactly like that. Make sure to put any needed capitalization. 

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